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Are you caring for your aging parent and need someone to be with them while you're running errands or taking care of your own personal needs? Our in-home care services are customized for your comfort, peace of mind, and well-being. Every person we provide care for is a unique situation. Every home is different, every schedule is different, and every person needs a different type of care to meet their needs. Some of our clients utilize us for as little as a few hours per day, a week, or even a month, and others have 24-hour care around the clock. We recognize that your needs are uniquely different and providing you with whatever services you require in between would be our pleasure.

Coastal Trinity HomeCare Solutions provides non-medical care in the privacy and security of your own home. Whether as part of a daily or weekly routine or while recovering after a hospital stay or illness, seniors may need assistance with handling life’s activities of daily living. At Coastal Trinity HomeCare Solutions, our dedicated caregivers provide a range of personal care services from light housekeeping to bathing and dressing and even companionship, assisting you to stay independent at home. Best of all, we don't require contracts or a minimum number of hours before we can start to help you.

At-HomeAssisted Living

24/7 Service for Clients

Did you know that many senior adults live in isolation and loneliness? Loneliness is an unpleasant emotional response to perceived isolation. Loneliness is also described as social pain—a psychological mechanism that motivates individuals to seek social connections. The lack of daily interaction, that face-to-face time with another human being can cause clinical depression, cognitive decline, and manifest into other debilitating physical conditions.

At Coastal Trinity HomeCare Solutions, our assisted living at-home services are for our senior patients focusing on their health and well-being while allowing them to live their best life and age in place. We pride ourselves on getting to know our patients on a more personable level—their unique accounts of life’s events and personalities so that our visit feels more like family visiting—participating in family activities that are stimulating and enjoyable. As people age, staying active and socially engaged is essential to their overall health.

Home Helper

In-Home Care for Seniors and Disabled Family Members

Who doesn’t enjoy a clean home? For the elderly or disabled, completing simple housekeeping tasks for the upkeep of a tidy, well organized, and liveable home can become unmanageable. An untidy, unmanaged home can foster feelings of hopelessness chronic sadness, depression, and it can contribute to social withdraw and isolation. Not to mention, a home filled with clusters of clutter can become very dangerous, very fast –increasing the risk of injury or illness. It may very well be the first visible sign that your loved one is struggling and requires extra help at home.

The scope of our home helper services can provide you with the assistance of many of your daily chores and more. Creating a safe, clean, comfortable, yet hazard-free living environment, so your loved one can continue living independently at home with a greater sense of confidence and security – and with greater peace of mind for you, is all in a day’s work for a Coastal Trinity HomeCare caregiver. Our fully screened and certified caregivers assist with the upkeep of the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms; assist with laundry and linen changes and will even take the trash out. A clean and healthy home environment leads to a happier, healthy senior. 

Personal In-Home Care

24/7 Service for Clients

For the elderly, disabled, or a person living or recovering from a catastrophic medical condition such as a stroke or heart attack, a bathroom can be such an overwhelming and dangerous place. 

A simple act such as stepping into or out of your shower or bathtub often can result in a slip and fall causing major injuries such as a broken arm, leg, or hip bone. Bathroom slip and falls can even result in a life-threatening head injury. In addition, water temperature needs to be monitored closely as seniors have thinner skin and can easily get severe burns. For these reasons and many others –our loved one’s assistance basic activities of daily living, including hygiene and nutritional requirements to stay in their homes.

Wake-up & Tuck-in

Start and end every day safely

For the elderly that only requires in-home care services to get through their daily morning routine or to bring closure to an activity-filled day with their evening tasks, Coastal Trinity HomeCare Solutions, Ltd. Co. proudly can provide our Wake-Up and Tuck-In Services to accommodate their needs.

To know that you or your loved one is safe at the start and end of their day, our wake-up & tuck-in services is an invaluable service for your peace of mind. This list is not an all-inclusive list of our wake-up & tuck-in services –just a few of our most requested wake-up & tuck-in services offered. If you require additional services for your loved one, let us know and we’ll certainly do what’s needed to accommodate all your in-home care needs.

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